BSTelecom Datacenter

DPC BSTelecom works with Eaton to bring energy efficiency to in demand Russian data

«Eaton offers the most comfortable solution for maintenance and service. We have fully secured our datacenter power supply system.»


BSTelecom is a Russian data center provider which provides businesses which operate in Russia with a local data center presence – a legal requirement to meet new data protection laws. The company operates a 4,500 square meter site with 12.8 MVA, creating a Tier 3 datacenter powered by two separate substations for redundancy. The company offers colocation, server and rack rental, as well as cabinets, units and designated zones. Dark fiber placement equipment, and office and warehouse space are also provided. The latest offering is a virtual data center, offering cloud services featuring virtualized servers, software license and backup systems.


BSTelecom is one local provider catering to a huge increase in demand following the change in data protection laws in Russia. The company understood that the change in data protection law would put and increased amount of pressure on their data center energy consumption. BSTelecom needed to secure the best possible energy efficiency while ensuring fault tolerance. A power outage should not mean a service outage for customers, and this required a particularly reliable and efficient uninterruptable power supply (UPS).

The team faced another choice: how to balance the need for both static and dynamic power supply. Generally, having both of these technologies to hand is a good thing: dynamic backup, such as diesel generators, can take a while to start up. Static power supplies, such as large banks of batteries, can keep power flowing in the event of a problem – they don’t need to be started up and deliver backup power from banks of batteries in an instant, so servers, network and storage keep working and don’t crash.

Because static UPS is often placed between the power supply and the IT equipment, it is also used to condition the electrical power – usually by converting the power from AC (Alternating Current) to DC (Direct Current) and back again. This is called double conversion, and it protects the sensitive equipment in the datacenter from sudden surges or drops in power delivered over the electrical grid, which can be caused by (amongst other things) falls and rises in demand from local businesses, industrial consumers such as factories and homes.


BSTelecom chose Eaton’s Power Xpert 9395 UPS, starting in 2011, a large static power supply ideal for the datacenter’s needs. Aside from the requirements above, the 9395 delivered a few more benefits: it is modular, so a failure in one 275KW module would not necessarily affect its running – and it also means that, if full power is not needed, modules can be put into sleep mode, saving energy.

A failed module can also be isolated and safely serviced without needing to move the power delivery to a static bypass – which might expose the datacenter to possible shutdown. A high efficiency rate of 99% also means that little electricity is wasted when it goes through the UPS.

As the data center site grew, BSTelecom was able to add additional UPS capability from Eaton, further boosting redundancy. The UPS is monitored using Eaton’s Intelligent Power Manager software. Eaton UPS helped to create a reliable, efficient, trouble-free and cost-effective data center uninterruptible power supply system for BSTelecom.


Eaton UPS helped to create a reliable, efficient, trouble-free and cost-effective data center uninterruptible power supply system for BSTelecom.