Valve Actuation

Valve Actuation (Rocker Arms, Lifters, Lash Adjusters)

For over 75 years, Eaton has been one of the largest producers of both valve and valve actuation products. Extensive system expertise and engineering excellence are the reason Eaton's valve actuation technologies have been chosen by OEMs worldwide to improve fuel economy and overall engine performance. Manufacturing facilities on three continents produce over 130 million mechanical & hydraulic actuation devices annually.

Precision Products

Eaton has pioneered the development of valve actuation technologies that optimize control of engine air flow to improve fuel economy and reduce emissions. Hydraulic Lash Adjusters (HLA), Roller Rocker Arms (RRA) & Finger Followers (RFF), Hydraulic Roller Lifters and GDI Pump Actuators in various configurations are among the products that comprise the VA product family. This portfolio combined with extensive valvetrain and powertrain system knowledge provide OEMs with proven solutions to meet strict emissions requirements and fuel economy demands.

Lash Adjusters

The Lash Adjuster components are specifically designed to automatically adjust ensuring precise valve seating, optimizing engine air flow and fuel management. Products include Deactivating Lash Adjuster (DLA) for Cylinder Deactivation systems and the Single Piece Hydraulic Lash Adjuster reduce costs and improve efficiency.

Rocker Arms

The Rocker Arm and Finger Follower products are engineered to optimize engine dynamics of all types of IC engines. Patented designs allow variable valve lifts as well as valve lift deactivation, enabling optimized breathing. Certain products, such as the Roller Rocker Arm with free floating axles, reduce wear and increase load capacity.

Advanced Technologies

Active Fuel Management®
  • Cylinder Deactivation
  • Variable Valve Lift
  • Deactivating Lash Adjuster