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Inclusion resource groups

Inclusion and diversity is how we attract, develop and retain top talent — so that everyone can confidently bring their authentic self to work every day.

Inclusion resource groups promote welcoming work environments

We’re a dynamic mix of different cultures at Eaton. Different experiences, backgrounds, ages, races, genders, abilities. And more.


Our inclusion employee resource groups (iERGs) provide a space where various demographic groups and their allies work together toward common organizational goals. Our employees are encouraged to participate in iERGs and contribute unique ideas to evolve our culture toward a model of inclusion and diversity.

An inclusive culture means that all people feel valued, included and able to do their best work.
Cathy Medeiros, Vice President Inclusion & Diversity

The iERGs create open forums where ideas are exchanged, acting as a catalyst for learning, collaboration and professional growth. Some activities include webinars, speakers, networking events, mentoring and roundtables with executives. And new employees learn about our culture, helping build and maintain employee engagement, satisfaction and retention.


We are proud of the impact that iERGs continue to have at Eaton. Their activities are engaging and empowering thousands around the world. 



ENGAGE (Eaton Next-Generation Achieving Goals & Excelling)

With chapters around the world, this global iERG focuses on attracting, developing and retaining millennial/next-gen talent to enable future innovation and growth.


Connecting Black, African American and people of color as well as allies to each other, resources and opportunities. Promotes awareness of culture and barriers to achieving and sustaining an inclusive work environment, while working to impact Eaton’s efforts to attract, develop, retain and advance diverse talent.

SOAR (Strengthening our Asian Resources)

Asians and allies work together to engage, develop and grow future leaders at Eaton. By recognizing and valuing everyone’s unique backgrounds, experiences and ideas, we all can SOAR.


Hispanics, Latinos and allies leverage their unique heritage to build a foundation of inclusion and growth. Focusing on attracting world-class talent, promoting organizational excellence and engaging with local communities.

WAVE (Women Adding Value at Eaton)

Provides support, education, networking and business opportunities for women and allies. Working toward a more inclusive environment where employees are valued, energized and fully committed to Eaton’s success.